• The three dingo pack of Lone Pine laying together on their habitat platform.

    Meet Australia’s wild dogs – the dingoes

    Australia is home to countless amazing species. However, few outside know about dingoes and, even if they do, few know more about them than just their name. So, let’s talk about them!

  • Sinead stopping for a quick selfie with the Toronto Zoo gorilla troop.

    A pandemic tale: watching animals online can improve mental health.

    In a time where social gatherings were non-existent and mental health was at an all-time low, online communities created connections. These connections kept friendships alive and fostered new ones – sometimes even the most unlikely of places.

  • Two koalas snuggling in a ball on a tree while they sleep.

    Koalas aren’t bears but they ARE an icon 

    Recognized worldwide as a symbol of Australia, koalas are an adorable animal thought of fondly by people from around the world. But, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

  • A kiwi bird digging around under leaves at night.

    Coming together for conservation

    Conservation issues have presented a major challenge to the world. But, when it comes to conserving wildlife we’re up for the task!

  • Lightbulb around a plant in soil

    8 Eco-friendly alternative options

    Learn about some eco-friendly alternative options that you can use in your daily life to be more sustainable!

  • Zookeepers at the toronto zoo putting up a "happy 50th birthday charles" banner for Charles the gorilla

    We threw a birthday party for a GORILLA!

    What do zoos do when a gorilla turns FIFTY years old? They throw a big birthday celebration of course! Learn more about the celebrations here!